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A Review of "New Wave"

I received the novel New Wave by Jennifer Ann Shore as a free .mobi file in exchange for an honest review. I will first say that I went into this novel a bit warily, as it's a young adult novel with dystopian themes, and I'm not typically a fan of that sort of thing--but I'm pleased to say that New Wave was thoroughly entertaining, with an action-filled plot that carried me through the surf of the book.
My Rating: ★★★★
Synopsis: "When seventeen-year-old Mol is caught committing a crime, she kicks and screams her way into a dull existence of servitude in the Authority, the suffocating patriarchal regime that oversees The Network of Islands. Her penance makes her restless, and she soon finds an outlet to direct her attention -- the young Commander who is at the root of her unhappiness." (via Goodreads)

Thoughts and CommentsProsThe uniqueness of the names in the novel was a nice touch that added to the otherworldliness of the setting. The main character being named &q…
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A Review of "Letters to Helen"

IntroductionLetters to Helen is a historical fiction romantic drama written by author Kayt Roth, who was kind enough to send me a free .mobi file of the novel in exchange for an honest review. I love, love, love historical fiction, and I was SO excited when I accepted to review Letters to Helen because I knew from the synopsis that it would be good--and, thankfully, I was right!
My Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis: "Engaged to a handsome doctor and content with her future, Mattie's life seems to have fallen neatly into place. The only thing that's missing is her best friend Helen, who is away at college. Despite her plans, fate has other ideas, and Mattie's happy ending is suddenly ripped away by a letter from her fiancĂ©'s mistress. Reeling with hurt and unexpectedly single, Mattie must start anew, with Helen there to pick up the pieces. But an incident with Helen's fiancĂ© drives a wedge in between them, forcing Mattie to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Str…

A Review of "Impeccable Petunia Part II: The Two Tails"

Introduction When author Katie Christine submitted Impeccable Petunia Part II: The Two Tails to me in exchange for an honest review, I wondered what it might be like to read a book entirely from a chicken's perspective. When I was younger, I read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, which all take place from the eyes of cats, and I imagined that it might be similar to those books--and, in fact, it was, to my delighted surprise! I absolutely adored this book and all of its charming, witty, humorous triumph. Although it is the second book in the Impeccable Petunia series, I had no problems at all reading it as a standalone.
My Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis: "As The Two Tails opens, the flock confronts a spiral of death and disappearance. Ensnared by a rapacious raccoon and desperate for a way out, Petunia, the backyard chicken, must throw herself at the mercy of the dark, open road with little more than gumption, a pair of useless wings, and a dubious companion as her guide." (via G…

A Review of "The Shadowverse"

Introduction When author John-Clement Gallo emailed me and asked me to review The Shadowverse, he mentioned that he'd found me by reading my review of Control Freakz by Michael Evans and offered a free .mobi file in exchange for an honest review. I was excited to dive into this alternate reality superhero fiction, as it's one of the first books of its kind that I've been able to review, but there were several issues that I feel need to be addressed in order for my review to be accurate.
My Rating: ★★★
Synopsis: "Regarded as 'captivating' and 'one-of-a-kind', The Shadowverse is a Science Fiction Superhero thriller with hints of the Young Adult genre. It is a story of destiny--that no matter who you are, where you are, or what your past is like, you can always achieve greatness.
Johnny Sparks longs for a greater purpose. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger, he and his friends are imbued with incredible powers--at last giving his life meaning.
But t…

A Review of "An Unfortunate Dimension"

Introduction What a wild ride this was! An Unfortunate Dimension by author Dominic Shunker was given to me as a .mobi file in exchange for an honest review, and as I haven't reviewed a race-against-the-clock novel in quite some time, I was pleased with the exciting plot and creative worldbuilding! 
My Rating: ★★★★
Synopsis: "An Unfortunate Dimension is a psychological thriller with a twist you'll never see coming.
Salvador is thrown into battle and intense laser fire. He doesn't know how he got here or why, and that's just one of his problems. He's been experiencing a sort of dimensional schizophrenia, jumping into bizarre scenes past, present, and future. Is the universe messing with him, interfering with his only goal, to bring his wife Jemma out of their coma?
He grows sure Jemma is trying to communicate a solution from her dimension, trying to tell him how to save her, to bring her back round. She tells him to look for signs, find a pattern, and soon he does. …

A Review of "Playing Chess with God"

Introduction It's been quite a while since I've had the pleasure of reading a historical fiction novel, and when author Verne R. Albright brought me Playing Chess with God in exchange for an honest review, I knew that it would be a good idea to accept. And I was right! Focused on the California Gold Rush of 1848 and 1849, Playing Chess with God follows a humble young man through thick and thin in his own personal adventure of seeking fortune and finding himself--and I loved every page!
My Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis: "Henning Dietzel, at the urging of a Chilean prostitute named Encinas, investigates rumors of gold in California prior to the 1849 rush. Intrigued he heads to the Gold Country to stake his claim. When others flee a brutal winter, Henning perseveres, and by the time the Forty-Niners arrive, he's already a wealthy young man. His saga is a sweeping tale of fortune and misfortune, discovery and tragedy, love and loss. From the backwaters and boardrooms of early San …

A Review of "Darkness on the Horizon"

Introduction I've always loved a good suspenseful mystery novel, and Darkness on the Horizon by debut author Christopher Renna absolutely qualified as making the list! Although the "mystery" is solved about half of the way into the novel, it by no means takes away the thrilling suspense that Darkness on the Horizon has to offer. This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say that it is a beautifully set, well-executed tale of dark secrets, small towns, and horrific murder--and I couldn't get enough of it!
My Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis: "All Morgan Fischer wants is to graduate high school and escape small-town Colby, Pennsylvania. Since the death of his mother, childhood friends have become his tormentors, and his father has become an absent and neglectful alcoholic. When a lack of food forces Morgan to earn money, he develops a friendship with the new residents in town, Ava and Jonathan. They give Morgan the loving attention and guid…